Voyage Hotels



A - It’s required to pay 35% of the domestic service fee during the registration and the whole balance within 7 business days as of the date of sale and in case it’s 7 days or less to the check-in date, during the reservation process. In case of non-payment within the said periods, the reservation will be cancelled and 35% of the fee will be invoiced to the CUSTOMER as forfeit.

B - The Customer who has purchased the service at a discount is liable to pay the whole service fee on the reservation date.

C – For special products and services, it’s required to pay the balance 60 days before the start of the service at the latest. The forfeit is the same with article 1/A.


1- Holiday Assistance Department may cancel the trip due to unfavourable weather conditions, road obstacles, strike, terror, fog, war possibility, unavoidable technical issues and force majeure that constitute impediment for the start of continuation of the trip despite all efforts. In case necessary number of passengers for the start of the travel isn’t reached, then the Customer shall be informed in written or via permanent data storage device before 20 days to the start of the travel. As per the legislation, the CUSTOMER shall not be entitled to the right to indemnity in such cases.

2- In case the CUSTOMER notifies that he/she cancels the accommodation service he/she has purchased before 30 days of the start date of the service in written or via permanent data storage device, the whole fee except for the obligatory tax, charge and similar legal responsibilities will be refunded.
The CUSTOMER agrees to paying 35% of the fee in case he/she notifies that he/she cancels the service until 29-15 days before the start date of the service and the whole amount before less than 14 days to the Hotel Assistance Department. CUSTOMER’s requests for date changes are deemed waiver.
In case the CUSTOMER submits in written the reports indicating the diseases / deaths that restrains the 10-day usual activity of himself/herself or first-degree relatives that didn’t exist during the reservation process and documents regarding various situations that the CUSTOMER couldn’t foresee despite all his/her efforts before the start of the service, this will be exemption for this article and in such case, the paid price without the deduction will be refunded to the CUSTOMER within 14 days, except for obligatory taxes, charges and expenses arising from similar legal obligations and documentable parties.

3- The CUSTOMER may transfer the service to a third person who meets the service requirements through a permanent data storage device or in written until 7 days before the start of the service. Transferee will be responsible for all expenses arising from the transfer process along with the transferor.

4- In case the CUSTOMER doesn’t notify in written that he/she will participate in the service, start of which he/she has missed, the Holiday Assistance department reserves the right to cancel all reservations and services of the CUSTOMER after 24 hours. In such cases, the CUSTOMER will not be refunded.

5- The Hotel Assistance Department may partially or completely cancel the tours that have been announced or enrolled before the start of the service provided to notify the CUSTOMER. Within the same period or during the service, Holiday Assistance department may change the hotel names within the scope of the service, transportation vehicles and their departure points, visit orders of the places to visit given in the program. In case the CUSTOMER doesn’t accept those changes and cancellations with justifiable reasons, he/she may use one of the following 3 (three) rights by notifying that he/she has cancelled the reservation in written or via permanent data storage device immediately if it’s less than 24 hours to the start of the service and within 48 hours at the latest in other cases: In this case, the CUSTOMER shall be entitled to (1)be refunded the service fee within 14 days by waiving the service without paying any indemnity, (2)participate in another package tour (if any) that is equal to the fee he/she has paid or with higher values offered by the Holiday Assistance department without paying any additional fee, (3)to be refunded the price difference if he/she ones offered.
WARNING: As per the relevant articles of Tax Procedural Law; we kindly ask you to receive your invoice to be issued against the service purchase from Holiday Assistance department as of 7th day following the end of the service. The invoice belonging to your reservation will be issued to 1 person. For your change requests, you need to apply to Holiday Assistance department within 24 hours as of the reservation date
This reservation is a discounted reservation made in early booking season and thus, issued with the guarantee of cancellation right during early booking season. The CUSTOMER reserves the right to cancel Hotel (accommodation) reservations without precondition and deduction 72 hours before the check-in date. Special conditions belonging to the relevant article are given in the attachment. The parties agree, declare and undertake that cancellation provision stipulated under paragraph 2 of article 2 shall not apply to the CUSTOMER who has purchased and received Cancellation Floating Insurance Policy.
With this document, I give the Holiday Assistance department authorization to withdraw the reservation fee from my credit card, with the I have purchased goods and service against 5057.50 Euro TRY